That subject is quite frankly the best of Vaguebooking I can do, but fear not it’s on a purely technical level.

When I started OH.MG I wanted to create a nice little archive of things and I did that, then I decided to test out my l337 h4x0r skillz by self hosting, creating my own little CDN, and then finally going wild with an actual CDN.

Eventually I created a monster, my deploy script is HUGE and takes forever to push anything out, even the most minor of creations, and the cost, holy shit bags, the pouvoir d’achat is not great right now and running that many hosting accounts is not at all cheap.

I’m fairly certain I wrote that exact line before, but I can’t be farked to find where I did. Although it is safe to say, I learned shit since that post, so perhaps we leave that to rest.

Anyways, I wasn’t happy with my creation, it was hard to deal with, confusing, trying to deal with the pure mess that was in the backend and it drove me mental.

So I restarted from almost scratch that required me to have a hard think and reflect on what I was doing.

Back in January, I got hyper obessed with registering, sometimes I get these flashes of not very clear thinking that won’t go away and always come with instant regret afterwards. Considering that is quite the premium name, it was dedication on my part to push through the checkout, but the name spoke to me.

Now we find ourselves here in August and really has not been used, it’s there for Gemini, mostly mirrored and certainly not living it’s best life here.

I’ve been hesitant to use it more, cos it’s kind of weird effectively coming out all the time to random strangers (look at me assuming that the majority of my visitors aren’t bots) when I give out my website or email address. I got over that, fuck it, YOLO. That’s great since .gay has DNSSEC and it actually looks cool like OH.MG.

Does this mean I fell out of love with OH.MG ? No, of course not, I’m still using it but in a less obvious way. OH.MG got very complicated to manage because it’s locked in to a lot of technical things, in grained in to my internal network, and all kinds of nerd shit. That’s what made managing the web presence on OH.MG super complex, so now it’s redirecting web to

Getting back on track with this entry, is the web and gemini archive for me, it makes more « branding » sense, and within that the entire archive has been minimised in to as few directories as possible.

Much more easy to handle, more clear, no crazy ass edge rules to put plasters on the monster to keep it churning.

I also put a pretty picture on the frontpage. Go me.