I’ve been rethinking what I’m doing online and how I’m doing it, this has been going on for a while for other reasons :

Entry « Changes to the System »

Recently I’ve started using a CDN service based in Slovenia, the price isn’t too bad for what I’m doing so it means I can focus less on perfectly planting a host that for the most part is accessible from most places (mainly being America). The CDN costs a few cents a month to give a bit of a boost to the delivery speed and managing some of the bot problems.

Following this up that I’ve been looking for a better place to keep my data, and I’ve started to come across a rather large network of cooperative hosts. I’m a member of Nubo (based in Belgium) who I’m looking at potentially to move my email (still not exactly sure) to and more close to home a web host called Ouvaton (based in France).

I had a bit of fun setting up the multiple hosts, but in general I’m spending far too much money on hosting that I don’t really need and use. Not only that considering the nightmare of climate hell we’re in, I don’t even want to know about the CO2 all this is adding.

The benefits to me here are that I can drop a lot of financial obligation for a website that is basically static and that I can be more involved in the organisation where I keep my data.

Over the weekend, I’ve moved all the files over to Ouvaton and repointed the CDN. There are still a few parts that are on the other hosts which I need to start spinning down / repointing back to Ouvaton.

As for email, I’m still working that out, for the most part between how much I’m using Simplelogin my mailbox is encrypted. The only thing I’m testing is filtering and deliverability from simplelogin to the new host.

I may even just keep it with mailbox.org and Proton.