My time off from work is almost over and I have done literally none of whatnI planned to do. Kaja is still on her treatment, tonight beingthe hardestnpart as she's decided that she's over it completely. I've had a nightmarengetting half of one pill down her tonight and I'm giving up on that, it'snthe best we can do. The last few days she's been a bit fighty with it butneventually took one tablet, granted it has been one in every two that I'vengot out of the pack. But tonight, I've gone through four tablets with 0,5nactually making it inside the cat. She's being a complete dick about itntoo, I can't mix it with food as she refuses to eat the food, so I have tonuse the hard way, stick it in to her throat and try and get her to swallow.nWith her new found problem he spent the money on vets bills that I wasngoing to do by getting furnature at Ikea, I can't be angry with her aboutnit though, she's been otherwise healthy until now. For some reason I wokenup this afternoon about 15h, which is odd as every other day I've been upnaround 9h or 10h. I need to re-adjust to the real world tomorrow morningnotherwise Monday is going to be hard.