19:17 Paris – 5.0˚C Brume

Pick a color, any color. Write about that color as if it were a person. What are its good personality traits?Bad? What’s its name?

Ok so I’m trying this app and it’s 30 day writing challenge to really get in there and remind myself to spend time documenting basically what’s going on and this question is pure crap 😀

Anyways, imma just freestyle because that’s how I do. Today I have done basically nothing in the slightest and I’m pretty happy about that, it’s been the first weekend in a while that I haven’t been running through an airport or been off somewhere else doing something else. I’m going to pause right here since I’ve got to go do the laundry.


Laundry got set on to go then I went to hit up the supermarket. But by supermarket, I mean the delivery from said supermarket to home because I’m being an adult now (and I ain’t dragging all this crap from the far ends of Paris to home myself). Rather amusingly I got told it’s not possible to order more than 50L of liquids, a rather bold move considering they’re charging me 10€ for them to deliver it.


Of course it starts raining when I put the laundry outside.

22:28 Last entry for the day. Peace out.