I know it’s been a while since I last posted, I’ve been spending more time on backend things than the frontend site.

In fact as I’m writing this I’ve been changing the HTML for the site itself. There you go.

Not much is going on, things have been quiet here, even though the boy cats are very demanding. I’m planning to go abroad for a few days and I’m worrying how they’ll react to that and the changes involved. They’ll be fine, but still a few lingering thoughts.

I am a little bit bored at the moment though, not happy with the site, too brain dead to add content to it. Speaking of content I’ve pretty much consumed everything I can on YouTube and the algorythm is running out of ideas. Granted it tried full fucking nazism again but gave up shortly after. Until the next time in a couple months I guess.

Speaking of the boy cats, Samy is really starting to come out and be more comfortable. He’ll come to me and enjoy a bit of pets and cuddles on his own terms. I think Jarod is getting a tiny bit jealous of that though. Jarod has always seen himself as the favourite, he spends a lot of time with me and in my space.

I keep an effort to fairly split attention (which is harder with Samy since he’s very distant for quite a while), make sure they’re fed equally, and keep everything equal between the two. They do get on and they, for the most part, don’t have any real dramas to speak of.

Although recently there is a point in play that he sometimes gets a bit too rough, not often but it does happen. I’m keeping an eye on that and have a few ideas to mitigate any competition for space.

Strangely though Jarod is the one that always wants to be outside but when he’s got the opportunity it is Samy who’s flopped outdoors and Jarod watching him from behind the window.

Strange guys.

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