OH.MG has always been based on the idea of creating an archive of sorts. I took a lot of inspiration from alf-s-room.com which is a web site that seems to have been going for a long time, but is full of everything.

Categorised, recorded, and kept online. I’m not as organised, as you can probably tell, but I have been writing things online just as long as alf-s-room.com.

I hopped from service to service, a thousand versions of websites, none kept and only a few in the Internet Archive. I’m trying to reclaim that.

With the current global situation and Putin going somewhat crazy, it’s putting my early writings in to peril (and I’m not minimising anything here, I’m lucky that this is the only affect I have, many millions of others aren’t as lucky).

A lot of what I have been doing has been on the technical side, and I’ve not completely been tending to the content. I think that I have found my technical solution, my site is hosted for the most part in a stable country (Norway + Sweden) with mirrors in moderate (South Africa) to not so great (Australia and the US) states.

There is a whole overtone of senile old men waving their dicks around at each other holding the world hostage, but that is another entry for another time.

I’m currently moving somethings around, making some changes, and staring at the screen blankly.