Since Kaja’s departure from the mortal realm I’ve had a lot of time to think about what to do with my situation.

It’s a hard one, this appartment was only picked for her comfort and pleasure to be outdoors, she’s been with me most of the time I’ve been in Paris, and being in a cold open space surrounded by her things is difficult.

I know some of my friends think it might be too soon but I decided that I would do something to honour her rather than surround myself in her tomb, I’ve started the process to adopt one or two cats that are in similar situations as she was in her early years.

Right now everything is very much in the initial stages, I originally enquired about a mother and daughter who have the ability to open doors (sounds very Kaja like) but they’ve already been found a home.

I was given a list of a few cats that meet the criteria of what I’m able to handle and what my appartment would be ideal for. It’s hard to read some of the histories, that people can be so blasé with a living creature that depends on them.

In the end of the seven (if I had the room, I’d adopt all seven) I came down to the two that would benefit most and I’ve asked for more information on the two.

First one :

A six year old female – She spent more than 3 years of her life in a shelter, needs a lot of time to find her space.

Second one :

An eight year old male – He’s more of a relaxed cat, hobbies include sleeping and being outside / watching outside, the refuge prefer him to have a yard (to which I do have).

The female is an easy call, she’s spent most of her life in a shelter, it’s right to give her a stable home. The male needs to have access outside and live his best chill life. For both of them it’s generally quite hard for older cats to be adopted.

And that’s pretty much where I am with that, they’ve put the discussion from my interview to the refuge director and we see what happens next.

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