It has been a bad couple of days, yesterday Kaja started to behave really oddly and started to stagger around.

It seems she’s not been in a great state for a bit longer but she’s a hard one to read, it’s normal for her to be hiding all day, really normal for her to suddenly reject food and only accept another kind, and because her default mood is fighty, if she’s in pain you can’t tell the difference.

Last night is when it got bad and it became obvious there was a massive problem she’s been hiding.

She went to the vet this morning after I stayed up all night to watch her. In her state she didn’t put up too much of a fight, until he had to take her temperature, the long and short of it was I Kaja still had some fight in her, and she got my thumb good.

It’s an awkward moment when the vet is trying to take care of your cat and deal with the frighening amount of blood that’s coming from you. At least he didn’t charge me for the gauze.

He did her blood tests, and it was really bad.

Kidney, Liver, and Pancreatic failure. Blood gluecose levels 6 points higher than the maximum, and hypothermia / shock / dehydrated.

Her chances aren’t amazing if she can’t pull through the last three, the first three are treatable but not helping the situation.

Because basically he knows my cat, he’s said that there is no way she can be hospitalised in the clinc, but he’s treating her, she’ll come home, and we go back to the clinc again the following day.

One of the outcomes here is that she may not live through this, and if that’s the case at least she’ll be at home with her things in her place if that happens and not in a strange place all alone.

She seems to be trying, or perhaps even, to drink and her mobility is a little better, she’s still not got anywhere near being able to eat though.

Right now she’s got the whole bed and bedroom to herself, she’s not terribly happy if I’m around, so I’m trying to keep a bit of distance so she’ll come out of hiding and try to drink and spend a bit more time in the warm things I’ve left on the bed for her to nest in. I’ve got full line of sight to the door / water and when she’s in bed I’ve got a camera view of her.

2022 is a cunt, and it’s decided to come at my cat. Hopefully she’s got the same fight to get through this as she did to hit the bone in my thumb.