I’ve posted about this before as I’m really struggling with the self hosted Gemini server, it’s constantly dropping off the face of the earth with no rhyme or reason. More recently this has been happening every few minutes after I reboot it and I’m getting vexed with it.

With OM.Gay I started using srht.site to deploy out the content there, I quite like it for gemini as it’s really stable, the web hosting is OK as well but they rightly block cross site scripting which kills off plausible, so makes it hard for me to track which pages are more popular (thus I need to keep fresh), or the ones that can go to the archive.

Normally the easy answer would be to move oh.mg to point to srht.site and run the website off www. Which is very very obvious, except, I have a whole lot more than *just* Web and Gemini there. It’s not exactly an option available.

So I decided to meet in the middle, split off the gemini content to om.gay and redirect the website over to www.oh.mg which I have hosted on my old friend DreamHost to let them deal with the web security side which I just can not be arsed with any more. I spend too much time fighting off bots and rebooting the gemini server.

If you’re reading this on the web you may have also noticed that the new web address for my journal is redacted.om.gay, good news that I can just merge in the content from Be Gay, Do Crime as the two being seperate was quite annoying and left too much work to have to deal with keeping to journals fresh.

I didn’t really know what to call this hybrid of one site thrown in different places, so I went with THE.OMG.ARMY but I could probably rename it back to OH.MG in the future.

Edit : it is already back to OH.MG within two hours.