I’m starting to make the move of a lot of my web presence over to sus.fr just to make my life more easier and to start combining things under a cooperative web host.

Although w8.org is already hosted on Ouvaton, I’ve moved an installation of Known to my other association hosting account with L’Autre Net to keep a bit of redundant separation, along with a couple of issues I found with migrating to PHP 8 on Ouvaton.

One minor problem I found is the export function doesn’t work, so I’m not really sure how I’m going to pull out the content (although I may have a way to do it really poorly using WordPress and hocking it in to the great archive).

You may have also noticed I’m putting it on a subdomain of sus.fr, this is intentional, I have a lot of domains, far too many domains, and dealing with each of them is a pain to manage. I’m trying to find a better way of just boinging the domains over to one central point as simply as possible plus Ouvaton does charge a fee for additional domains so subdomains are the way to go.

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